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When you make a bid at bridge, you send a message to your partner (and to the opponents).

As a whole, these messages aim to describe the content of your hand (high-card points count and distribution) and allow your partnership to reach an optimal contract, while the opponents do the same or prepare their defense.

The various calls during the auction also carry a message related to the suggestion or the obligation to end the auctioon or to keep on bidding to game or slam.

The following bidding charts illustrate the exact meaning of most of the bids used in modern standard bridge.

The following symbols are used:

    P     Pass
    X     Double
    XX   Redouble

    Control    first-round control in hearts
    Stopper         stopper for hearts
    No stopper       no stopper for hearts

Number of cards held in a suit


3+ three cards or more in hearts 3- three cards or less in hearts 3= exactly three cards in hearts 5/6+ five to six solid cards in heart


Forcing bids


1 round one-round forcing bid game game forcing bid slam game forcing and slam invitational


Non forcing bids


closing suggesting to end the auction limit limiting the value of a hand invitational inviting to one more round

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