Roger who??? Dunn! Canadian, with an Irish paternal ancestry, living in the province of Quebec. My home is in Brossard, a small town in the Montreal suburb.

I'm 54. My mother tongue is French. So please forgive me if I sometimes use too many french or strange expressions. Do not hesitate to email me any corrections you think would be useful to bridge surfers who visit BridgePassion.

I'm not a exactly a bridge professional, but rather, like most of those who came to bridge late in life, an hyper-passionate of the game.

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Roger Dunn
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I have played bridge lightly during fifteen years before retiring from Quebec-Hydro, our local electric utility, in 1997. I have worked for the company as a marketing executive during nearly thirty years (Yes, we do sell electricity very actively around here!). My professional background is Economics and Regional planning.

Since the day I retired, I have been eating bridge: I play bridge, I read bridge books, I write bridge books, I manage BridgePassion, I dream about bridge ... and I wish to become a world bridge champion. My objective being to participate as an official contestant in the Montreal World Bridge Championships in 2002.

I hope to have the pleasure of meeting with you at the bridge table and to hear from you right here, at BridgePassion.Com.

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