NOVICES No: 1   THE PASSION OF BRIDGE strrrrictly for beginners !

I you have already been initiated to the game of bridge, this column is NOT for you. It aims more to those who still hesitate to take the big dive into the bridge universe.

Here, you won't find any bridge quiz! Nor tests or problems! Only a few thougths aiming to help you discover this great game and to assist the non-initiated in overcoming their rightfull fear when it comes to learning bridge.

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Roger Dunn
Bridge questions
Partner or Teacher

During the coming weeks, I will cover the following aspects of the game, as well as any other matter of interest that you would like to submit:

   - What is bridge?
   - Your first game at home
   - From initiation to ... real adventure
   - The perfect partner
   - Improving forever

I strongly invite you to send in your questions and comments right away. A quick response is guarantedd, via this column or directly at your eMail address.

See you soon.

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