a) It is much more important to fully understand and master the funDamentals of standard bidding than to use numerous and complex conventions

b) Most conventions must be alerted when used during the auction

c) Conventional bids at the level of 4NT or higher and cuebids at any level don't need to be alerted

d) The decision to include a convention into your bidding system should be taken only after answering positively to the following questions :

   - is the convention really efficient when correctly applied to recommended bidding situations?

   - is the convention really profitable given the loss of the natural bid it replaces?

   - does the convention apply in a sufficient number of situations to justify its use?

e) The following codes are used to describe conventional bids

    P     Pass
    X     Double
    XX   Redouble

    Control    first-round control in hearts
    Stopper         stopper for hearts
    No stopper       no stopper for hearts


Number of cards held in a suit


3+ three cards or more cards in hearts 3- three cards or less cards in hearts 3= exactly three cards in hearts 5/6+ five to six solid cards in hearts


Forcing bids


1 round 1-round forcing bid game game forcing bid slam game forcing and slam invitationalal bid


Non forcing bids


closing suggest ending the auction limiting limiting the value of a hand invitationalal inviting to one more round of bidding

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