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Calculation of distributional points 1.5
Calculation of highcard points 1.2
Calculation of offensive tricks 1.7
Calculation of quick tricks 1.6
Calculation of quick tricks when doubling for penalty 20.4
Card combinations 26.1
Card to lead from a doubleton 29.2
Card to lead from a four-card or longer suit 29.4
Card to lead from a three-card suit 29.3
Card to play in third seat 32.2
Cards missing in a suit, distribution of 25.1
Cards, bridge 0.2
Chicago bridge 0.7
Choosing the suit to lead, general rules 28.1
Classification of opening hands before reaching a fit 1.9
Classification of responding hands before reaching a fit 1.10
Coded nines and tens 37.7
Combinations with eight cards in a suit 26.4
Combinations with nine cards in a suit 26.5
Combinations with seven cards in a suit 26.3
Combinations with six cards in a suit 26.2
Combinations with ten or more cards in a suit 26.6
Combinations, card 26.1
Competitive bidding 14.1
Competitive bidding, general rules 14.2
Competitive bids, frequent 14.3
Contract 2.4
Contracts 0.4
Convention, Gerber 11.3
Convention, Jacoby 2NT 4.7
Convention, Jacoby transfers 8.6
Convention, Stayman 8.4
Convention. Blackwood 11.4
Count signal 34.3
Crossruff play 27.2
Cuebids after reaching a fit 11.7
Cuebids after reaching a fit 13.2
Curiosity pass 21.3

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