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Deal, progression of a 0.3
Declarations allowed during the auction 2.5
Declarer technique, ruff and discard play 24.7
Declarer techniques, duck play 24.3
Declarer techniques, falsecarding 24.6
Declarer techniques, finesses 24.2
Declarer techniques, holdup play 24.4
Declarer techniques, safety plays 24.1
Declarer techniques, unblock play 24.5
Deductions from an opponent’s lead 30.5
Deductions from the lead of a low card 30.7
Deductions from the lead of an honor 30.6
Defense against a weak opening at the four level 15.3
Defense against a weak opening at the three level 15.2
Defense against a weak opening at the two level 15.1
Defense against declarer leading low 32.2
Defense against declarer or dummy leading high 32.4
Defense against dummy leading low 32.3
Defense in second seat, general rules 32.1
Defense in third seat, general rules 33.1
Defense, active 31.2
Defense, general rules 31.1
Defense, passive 31.3
Defensive pair 0.5
Defensive signals, general rules 34.1
Discarding against a small slam 36.3
Discarding from a sequence 36.4
Discarding, general rules 36.1
Discarding, Lavinthal 37.2
Discarding, Romaine 37.1
Disillusion play 23.7
Distribution of the cards missing in a suit 25.1
Distributional hand, rebids by opener after a limited response in one notrump 6.6
Distributional hand, responses to 1NT with a 8.5
Distributional points 1.5
Doubles, negative 14.4
Doubleton , card to lead from a 29.2
Duck play 24.3
Duplicate bridge 0.7
Duplicate bridge, bonuses for contracts bid and made 39.3
Duplicate bridge, bonuses for overtricks 39.2
Duplicate bridge, penalty points for each undertrick 39.4
Duplicate bridge, penalty points for each undertrick 39.8
Duplicate bridge, points for each trick bid and won 39.1
Duplicate bridge, points for major suit contracts 39.6
Duplicate bridge, points for minor suit contracts 39.5
Duplicate bridge, points for notrump contracts 39.7

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