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Safety plays 24.1
Scoring sheet at rubber bridge 38.1
Search of a given card held by the opponents 25.2
Sequences 1.4
Shifting to another suit 35.6
Signal, attitude 34.2
Signal, count 34.3
Signal, preference 34.4
Signaling against a notrump contract 35.5
Signaling attitude against a suit contract 35.3
Signaling preference against a suit contract 35.4
Signaling priorities 35.2
Signaling with an honor 35.7
Signaling, general rules for 35.1
Signaling, reverse attitude 37.3
Slam bidding between a balanced hand and a hand holding a six- card suit 11.9
Slam bidding between two balanced hands 11.2
Slam bidding, general rules 11.1
Slam, minimum requirements 1.12
Slam, opening lead against a 30.1
Slams 0.6
Special redoubles 22.2
Special takeout doubles 18.2
Squeeze play 27.5
Stayman convention 8.4
Stayman convention, rebidding over an opponentís double of the 22.3
Stealing of a trick 27.6
Strategy of play 23.3
Strategy when doubling for penalty 20.3
Strong hand, rebids by opener after a response in a new suit 6.5
Strong opening, general rules of 9.1
Strong opening, responses 9.2
Suit to discard from 36.2
Suit to lead against a notrump contract 28.2
Suit to lead against a suit contract 28.3
Suit to lead, general rules 28.1
Suit to open 3.4
Suit, establishing a 23.4
Suits 1.11
Support partnerís suit, number of trumps required to 1.8

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