a) A deal of bridge unfolds into five steps:

        - distribution
        - hand evaluation
        - bidding (or auction)
        - play
        - scoring

b) Each player deals in turn; cards are distributed one at the time, starting with the player to the left of the dealer

c) Hand evaluation consists in appreciating the trick-taking potential of a hand

d) The first bid of the auction is made by the dealer

e) The auction consists in a series of declarations or bids by which each player describes his hand to his partner, aiming to evaluate the maximum number of tricks that can be gained by the two combined hands of the partnership




1 Pass 1 Pass 1NT Pass Pass Pass


f) A contract is the total number of tricks a partnership commits to win during the auction

g) The play of the hand follows immediately the end of the auction

h) Scoring is determined by the type of contract and the number of tricks bid and won

see lesson 38-39 Scoring

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