a) The offensive pair is the pair who commited to win the greater number of tricks

b) The offensive pair is made up of the declarer and the dummy

c) The declarer (the one who will play the cards of both hands of the partnership) is the first player of the offensive pair who bid the suit of the contract during the auction

d) The dummy is declarer's partner (just looking !)

e) The pair who will try to set the contract is the defensive pair and is made up of left-hand opponent (LHO) and right-hand opponent (RHO) in relation to declarer

f) The first card that will be played is the opening lead; the opening lead always comes from the left-hand opponent

g) Immediately after the opening lead, dummy's cards are spread face up and will be played by declarer

The trump suit should be placed to the far right (to the far left when seen from declarer's point of view)

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