a) There are many ways to play bridge and many variations in each of them

b) Main types of bridge are:

    - Rubber bridge

    - Chicago

    - Duplicate (mainly in clubs and tournaments)

c) At rubber bridge, pairs play until one of the two pairs has bid and made two games

Contracts under game are also played and scored

d) At Chicago bridge, a round lasts four deals, after which pairs switch partners

The game ends after three rounds, when each player has partnered each other of the foursome

The winner is the individual player who won the most points

e) Duplicate bridge is mainly played at local bridge clubs:

This form of bridge is very popular and offers many advantages

    - games take place on a regular basis

    - partners are usually available on site

    - duration of a session is known in advance

    - it's interesting to confront new opponents

    - the effect of luck is reduced given the fact that cards are dealt only once at the beginning
      of a session and will later be transferred to other tables, so that all pairs will play the same       sets of cards

A visit at your local bridge club will quickly get you familiar with this form of bridge which is played the same way all around the world

see Lessons 38 and 39: Scoring

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