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a) The purpose of a weak opening (or a preemptive opening) is to limit the opponents' bidding space

b) When considering a weak opening, hand evaluation should rely more on offensive tricks than on highcard points

c) A weak opening requires a six-card or longer suit with two of the three top honors or three of the five honor cards (especially when vulnerable against not vulnerable)

d) A weak opening is not recommended when holding a four-card major (or a five-card minor) or a void or two or more quick tricks outside the preemptive suit

e Requirements for a weak opening are reduced in third and fourth seats because partner has already denied an opening hand

f) When holding a long solid suit, especially in spades, it may be more profitable to let the opponents show their strength and distribution before making a preemptive bid

g) After his weak opening, opener must not rebid unless requested by a forcing bid from his partner

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