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a) Do not hesitate to overcall at the one level, especially when partner is a passed hand and when your bid will limit the opponents' bidding space (ex. 1 over 1)

b) Overcalls at the two level require to be more cautious, especially when vulnerable

c) The decision to overcall must consider the quality of a suit (offensive tricks) rather than the general strength of a hand

d) A two-level overcall usually denies more than two losers in the opponents' suit

e) The cuebid in an opponent's suit is the only forcing response to partner's overcall

f) Unless holding a strong hand, an overcall should always promise a good opening lead

g) An overcall has less value when holding three to four cards in the opponents' suit

h) With a very strong hand, it is better to pass when an opponent opens the auction in one of your long suit

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