a) Intermediate cards (8, 9 and 10's) are slightly more important than lower cards, especially when concentrated in one suit or when you hold the top honors of the suit


hand rich in intermediate cards (19 HCP)


A Q J 10 8 A K 10 9 K Q 4 2


hand poor in intermediate cards (19 HCP)


Q J 6 5 2 A K 7 3 K Q A 4

b) Honor combinations concentrated in one or two long suits have a higher value than when spread in three to four suits


hand rich in honor combinations (19 HCP)


A K Q J 10 A K Q 9 7 6 4 3


hand poor in honor combinations (19 HCP)


Q J 6 4 3 A K 6 2 K Q A 3


c) Honor combinations in the same suit like A Q or K J x or K x have a higher value when the suit has been declared by your right-hand opponent (RHO) and inversely have a lower value when the suit has been declared by your left-hand opponent

d) Unprotected honors like doubletons Q J, Q x or J x keep their full value when held in a suit bid by your partner or when your partner has shown a strong balanced hand during the auction

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