a) General rules of rebids

 - With a weak hand, make a limiting bid As soon As possible

 - Invite to game with an intermediate hand

 - Make a game forcing bid with a strong hand

 - Raise partner's suit when holding a trump support

 - Respect the captain's decisions

 - Declare in notrump only with a two-card support of the last suit bid by partner

b) Limited bids suggesting the end of the auction

 - Single raise of partner's suit

 - Single rebid of your original suit

 - Notrump declaration at the minimum level

 - Game declaration without a jump

c) Intermediate bids inviting to one more round of bidding

 - Jump raise of partner's suit

 - New suit by declarer without a jump

 - Jump to game

 - Jump rebid in his original suit by opener

d) Strong bids forcing to game and inviting to slam

 - Jump in a new suit

 - Jump in notrump

 - New suit by responder with or without a jump